Social Media Monitoring Analytics

Ein Digitales Vorzeigeprojekt


Aufgrund der Internationalität dieses Projektes für ein renommiertes ICT Unternehmen wird Ihnen ein Projektauszug auf Englisch präsentiert. Für Fragen stehen wir Ihnen zur Verfügung. Digital Consulting Zürich - Wir leben Social Media.


Social Media Platform


Accomplished for a large DAX listed enterprise to build up Digital Media Landscape from scratch including build-up of a digital platform with multichannel embedded usage, integrated with existing enterprise process and workflows. The project comprised tool selection, benchmark competitive analysis, front-end and full back-end platform customization, data mining, multimedia channel integration, usability testing, training of key users and admin. Furthermore the project comprised digital KPI definition, tracking and monitoring with strong focus on digital engagement, use case and pattern analysis.


For the kick-off analysis phase we analyzed 76 bespoke market competitive digital media monitoring analytics SaaS Business Intelligence Tools with strong focus on platform performance, concrete task performance, digital collaboration, interactive user engagement and seamless connectivity. Results of the analysis stated that benchmarking existing digital offers delivers clear differences on performance, price, resources, real-time indication and integration in existing infrastructure.


As Digital Lead and external expert our team worked closely collaborating with digital agencies in day to day work. That is daily collaboration took place in form of digital marketing end-to-end process management over several departments such as finance (business case), legal (data law), IT (firewall), CRM (customer experience), Marketing (consistency). Cooperation with digital agencies comprised the following work packages: structure set up from high level conception to detail layout, throughout several adaptions via daily conference call, RACI who does what when according to roadmap checks, prioritization and SWOT analysis up to final layout, execution and post track with digital customer journey process end-to-end management.


Our target was to ensure a seamless integration with existing enterprise process and workflows to ensure business continuity, as well as to ensure the best digital customer experience. Given extensive digital project experience with several bespoke customers, we are convinced that digital workplace, tools, platforms will revolutionize current way to work with regard to enterprise processes like procurement process, organizational management and enterprise culture. The lifecycle of rolling out new digital products has dramatically shorten and near-real time on action and reaction is expected from customer and market side. Our team is passionate to drive new ideas and re-use our digital best practice, trends and tools in order to improve overall end-to-end customer experience for your business.